Flat Pat the Gargoyle

Medium of original: Graphite and colored pencil

Size of original: 8.5″x11


Flat Pat the Gargoyle was a drawing contest within Acuity Insurance. Any employee was eligible to enter and we were to create our own Flat Pat the Gargoyle. After the deadline, the executives, including the CEO, voted on all of the drawings. Out of 14 other entries, mine was awarded first place. I was later told that every single exec voted for mine to take first.

The winner of this contest received $1,000 to donate to whichever charity we chose. I chose the Humane Society. Flat Pat the Gargoyle was also turned into a traveling card to be dispersed throughout the entire United States. Later, Flat Pat was also turned into a coaster and given to the entire company.

It was this drawing that led to the CEO of Acuity, Ben Salzmann, noticing my artisitic talents and later hiring me to do the “Trials” (also shown in my gallery) series that is now framed and on display within the Acuity building.