Trials ~Secrets of the Soul

Medium of original: Charcoal, Pastel, and Colored Pencil

Size of original: 30″x40″

Price for original: Original not available



Secrets of the Soul is the second piece in my four-part series, “Trials.”

While working at Acuity Insurance there was a contest for employees to create and draw Flat Pat the Gargoyle. I entered this contest, the executives of Acuity voted, and I was given first place. Because of this contest, my artistic talent caught the attention of the CEO of Acuity, Ben Salzmann. Ben is a known art fanatic and likes to decorate the Acuity building with various works of art. After the contest, Ben reached out to me and was interested in seeing my portfolio. I met with him and he hired me to do this four part series.

The “Trials” series was to be four drawings, each of a woman, each depicting a strong emotion, and each black and white with some color. Secrets of the Soul was to be a recreation of another one of my pieces, Eyes Like Wildflowers. I specifically chose purple to be her eye color because the first drawing in this series, Crucified, has red for the blood and the third piece in this series, Tribulation, has blue for the wings. Red and blue together make purple, therefore I gave her a purple eye.

Each one of the “Trials” pieces are 30″x40″ for the originals and are currently framed and on display within the Acuity building. Due to this being a commission piece, only prints of it are available.


The entire Trials series