Wood Prints


Maple Wood Prints

The natural wood maple panels, are ready to display. The back of the panels includes a pre-cut keyhole, so it will hang flush on any wall.

At a little more than ½” thick these panels are an ideal choice for many applications and settings without the need to be framed. The refined natural wood sides give it that finished look you require. With wood prints your image is sublimated / fused directly onto the surface. It allows for incredible detail to show while also having the wood grain look required. The surface can be dusted or even cleaned with a soft damp rag without danger of scratching or harming the image.



5×7 —– $58.00

8×8 —– $78.00

8×10 —– $86.00

10×10 —– $98.00

11×14 —– $118.00

16×20 —– $200.00

20×30 —– $310.00

30×40 —– $500.00